From Kurt and Lucinda at Texas Ready,

So here we are at the dawn of a new day in America. The Body of Christ has cried out and our Father has heard and answered. A reprieve has been granted and hope dawns once more. The pundits and pollsters will debate the cause of this new American revolution for years to come, but the Church should understand one thing: God has moved.

The question facing us today is whether we move forward in pursuit of the things of God or retreat back into our Christian hibernation. For the only change that has taken place is a change of leadership, not of substance, policy or law. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.” It would appear that God has heard the petitions of His saints. But actual land-healing will only come if our repentance is true and lasting, and only so long as we continue to seek Christ and His will.

President-elect Trump is a very flawed man. As far as we can see, his greatest weakness is his pride, and we know how God feels about that. It was pride that caused the downfall of Lucifer, and it may be his pride that brings about the downfall of Trump (and with him, this country) if he doesn’t also humble himself and seek God. It is our duty as believers to continually lift him up in prayer, along with his administration and the rest of our elected officials, military men and peace officers. If we are to see righteous fruit spring from this election, we must become people of prayer. As we have prayed in the days leading up to the election, so we must pray from this point forward. God, please forgive us for neglecting this most important discipline of the Christian life, and strengthen us to engage the enemy and advance Your kingdom in prayer from this day forward.

Though even his opponents concede that Trump has been given a mandate, the country is as divided now as it has ever been. The election results were 50/50 and even those who voted for Trump did so for disparate reasons. Everyone wants change, but the change one person wants is very likely not what his neighbor has in mind. The return to righteousness and the rollback of ungodly laws will not happen without serious battles, perhaps not unlike the fight that led to this historic moment. The forces of the enemy will not back down. As believers, we can expect ridicule, hate, insults and attacks from all sides. The media likes us no more today than they did yesterday, and probably even less.

Economic decisions and foreign policy shifts will be easy compared to the fundamental cultural and moral issues we face. Whatever we do regarding the former will ultimately be of no value if we do not attend to the latter. For God has chosen to bring judgment upon this country in the form of foreign aggression and a crumbling economy precisely because we have allowed our nation to descend into a moral pit. So what should our primary objectives be? Recognizing that we will never again have the chance that we do today, we must pray and fight for the following:

1) The end of abortion. Of all our sins, the slaughter of well over 50 million innocent lives is a millstone around the neck of this country and its citizens. If we don’t rid ourselves of this abomination, nothing else will matter. Trump has pledged his support for this cause and we must hold his feet to the fire.

2) The restoration of traditional marriage. This will be even more difficult than ending abortion, and it may not be something the administration wishes to pursue. But it should remain an objective which we pursue as we have opportunity and direction from the Hoy Spirit.

3) The return of God to our schools, government, institutions and the public arena. Our gracious Father enters where He is invited, and we need to replace political correctness with spiritual correctness. From classroom to courtroom, God and the Ten Commandments must be reinstated without reservation and without apology. Furthermore, we must actively counter the widely misunderstood doctrine of separation of church and state that seeks to limit or prevent Christian involvement in government and the political process.

4) The appointment of godly men and women to our federal, state and municipal courts and most especially to the Supreme Court. The importance of installing justices who will truly protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America cannot be overstated.

5) The return of rights to the states. This is one of the most fundamental precepts of our republic, and it is of critical importance. If the citizens of a particular state persist in their ungodly desires to pursue wickedness and abominations, the rest of us should not have to be party to their disobedience or share in their judgment.

6) The return of Constitutional law in general. As a democratic republic, the United States of America is not governed by rulers, but by the people and our Constitution. We must seek to restore the proper role of government in our society and restrain politicians, ideologues and bureaucrats from unwarranted intrusion into our lives. A Constitutional Convention of the states could go a long way towards reinstating the fundamental ideals and precepts our Founding Fathers built into the bedrock of our republic.

7) A greater respect for the privacy, freedoms and property rights of all US citizens. A government with unbridled access to unlimited data detailing the personal lives of the American populace is a threat to democracy, a boon to tyranny and a powerful tool in the hands of the Enemy.

Obviously there are many more things one could add to this list. But these are foundational. Without them, any progress made in other areas will be fleeting and may even lead to future heavenly judgments.

In addition to constant informed prayer, We the People must stay in close communication with our elected representatives. We must make our wishes and expectations known. Politicians who oppose us must constantly be reminded that we are aware of their actions and that we expect them to move this country forward or face defeat. Those who share our values and work on our behalf must constantly be commended, supported and encouraged for their efforts that they might not despair in doing good. It is our duty as Americans and Christians to encourage our leaders and hold them accountable for their responsibilities as outlined in Romans 13 and other biblical passages.

And finally, we must live personal lives of integrity, industry and obedience to the Word. The light of the city on the hill is not the light of the city itself, but the collective lights of its inhabitants. As living lights, it is incumbent upon us to be ministers of God and His Word in peace, love and charity to our fellow citizens. By lovingly reaching out to others through ministry, evangelism and discipleship, the moral direction of society may be altered and lasting change will begin to take place.

The bottom line? God will bless the US and send revival and awakening to its citizenry only as His children continue to seek His face in humility, obedience and righteousness. Now let’s go make a difference in our world!


Kurt and Lucinda at Texas Ready

As heard on The Hagmann Report