America is at the brink. It is obvious that all hell is getting ready to break loose in this country. At least, it should be obvious, unless you’re deliberately being intellectually disingenuous or are actively perpetuating the lie that “all is well.” It should be obvious that America is a captured operation – captured from within. It should also be obvious that a political solution alone will not save us.  If you are a Christian, what should you do?

PRAY. Most importantly, pray in fellowship with other Christians while you still have the chance.

I ask only one thing from fellow Christians who live in the North Hollywood, California area – or can reasonably make it there. Yes, it’s THAT important – especially right now… as we watch the world stage preparing for a third world war and the wheels come off our own country. I humbly ask that you attend Paul McGuire’s Free “AMERICA’S FUTURE Prophecy and Intercessory Prayer Meeting” at the Garland Hotel (formerly The Beverly Garland Hotel) in North Hollywood, California on Thursday, October 8th at 7:00 PM.

I know that it will change your life for the better – and may very well help change the course of our nation – or the fate of Christians in our nation.

It has NEVER been as important as it is RIGHT NOW. Please join in fellowship with Paul McGuire – the most dynamic speaker and minister of the Gospel I have ever known for this assembly. CLICK HERE for more information and to let him know you’ll be there.

We are running out of time.

As heard on The Hagmann Report