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Tuesday, August 16, 2022



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ALERT! Constitutional Crisis Ahead!

What Happens If Hillary Dies In The Next Two Months?

By Georgann Ryan, Esq.

Most people look at the crisis in Hillary’s health and either want to downplay it, or are delighted that she finally seems to be exposed as karma kicks in. But there’s a constitutional crisis looming and our country is heading toward the biggest morass of all time. With Trump pulling farther ahead daily, this situation is custom-made to fulfill plans of the Washington establishment and the global elites to keep the status quo alive, no matter how. Short of his death, it seems clear that given a fair election, he’ll win.

And that means the level of trickery is about to go over the top, and our system isn’t designed to handle what’s ahead. Hillary’s death or total inability to continue could constitute the greatest opportunity for a scam that the electorate ever has seen. A massive shell game appears ready to take place. At a minimum, a large part of the country is about to cry, “Foul!” Did party elites know that when they nominated her? Surely.

It appears that they thought they could keep her failing health under wraps until after the election, at least. But that isn’t happening. Never fear though, say elites, we have a back-up that might be even better. Ever heard of a bait-and-switch scheme? That’s about to become a very familiar term to Americans.

With all of the uproar over Hillary’s health, especially after her very public collapse at the 9/11 memorial service, questions about what will happen should she withdraw or die now are being asked. Few in the public seem to understand what’s really at stake, and what we could be in for should that possibility occur – though crisis seems almost certain should she win the election. While that goal seems to be disappearing rapidly for her and appears more unlikely with each passing day, talk of voter fraud and election theft is increasing dramatically, so the possible scenarios have to be considered.

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