Join Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

All who are paying attention to current events will agree that true Christianity is under attack in America. The attack is not on the distilled ideological version of Christianity, but the Word of God and those who believe in the Word of God. We’ve seen this happen before in history, beginning with the deception that took place in the Garden of Eden.

We’ve also seen this during the mid-19th century, during what is often called the “golden age of freethought,” when intellectuals, atheists and agnostics attacked the literal Word. In that case, the attacks were more easily identifiable, allowing Bible-believing Christians the ability to push back against the deception.

In modernity and today, such attacks are often subtler, as the Word of God is not merely assailed, but perverted. The originator of such perversion has not changed, although the tactics of his foot soldiers have. The dilution of the Word of God, having taken on many forms, is insidiously being perpetuated from within the body of the church.

Often, it is done under the guise of coexistence, compassion, and a seemingly harmless and even well-intentioned doctrine of inclusion. To those who are not grounded in the true Word of God will easily be led astray, convinced that they are following the true spirit of God’s Word. Such adherence is not merely a mistake of intellect, but a mortal wound to the soul. It is within this context where the real war against Christians and the Word of God exists.

The perpetrators of perversion will use current events as the basis for attacking the fundamental beliefs of Christians. The demonization of Christians has already begun through subtle marginalization, including those self-proclaimed Christians who act as accusers of the brethren as they twist scripture to advance their own agenda. Rather than spreading the inerrant Word of God and bringing others to the Word, they spend their time tearing down those who do, thereby causing doubt, confusion and even unbelief.

Others are falling victim to more refined attack mechanisms perpetuated by professional doctrinal “hit men.” Such perpetrators include the globalist Luciferian powers who are adept at using technology to “program” change within the population, but diverting the argument to the absurd. Examples include such assertions as the unfortunately misnamed “Mandela Effect,” a deception that has ensnared many into believing that the Word of God has not just been changed, but has changed – a distinction with a critical difference.

Meanwhile, Christians are being slaughtered in wholesale numbers all across the Middle East; left unchecked and even being facilitated by nation-state actors, the persecution of true bible-believing Christians is accelerating and spreading. The planned endgame is the eradication of Christianity and Christians who refuse to worship at the altar of Globalism and a one-world religion where everyone worships the same god, but not the God of the Holy Bible.

Time is incredibly short, Accordingly, we must identify the deception, clear the confusion and fight for the souls of the lost, for we were born for this time. It is up to us to make the difference.

As heard on The Hagmann Report