On Wednesday, the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) were all over the latest developments in the Russia investigation saga. They mainly focused on how former FBI Director James Comey received permission from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to speak to Congress. Among the developments that didn’t make the cut for ABC’s and CBS’s evening programming, were a series of subpoenas issued by the House to former high-ranking members of the Obama administration for improper unmasking. Instead, they mentioned those issued to Trump associates.

When they did mention the subpoenas it was buried at the end of their reports. Unlike ABC and CBS, NBC actually featured the subpoenas in their Russian investigation segment. “This is the House Intelligence Committee approved seven subpoenas, four for Michael Flynn, Trump lawyer Michael Cohn and their businesses on the Russia probe,” reported Andrea Mitchell during the opening report for NBC Nightly News.

She added what the others wouldn’t touch: “And three for classified reports related to whether former Obama officials Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and John Brennan improperly accessed the identity of Trump associates and intelligence reports.” But then Mitchell came to Rice’s defense with a ridiculous segment from her MSNBC show, Andrea Mitchell Reports:


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