“I observed on one of the drums belonging to the marines now raising, there was painted a Rattle-Snake, with this modest motto under it, ‘Don’t tread on me.’ As I know it is the custom to have some device on the arms of every country, I supposed this may have been intended for the arms of America.” by ‘An American Guesser,’ December 1775

Most rational and sensible patriotic Americans are simply fed-up. We’ve been trampled and tread upon by enemies within our own country throughout the last century.  We’ve been told what we are allowed to say and write by a bunch of hypersensitive, snot-nosed snowflakes with mommy or daddy issues. We’ve been harassed and pushed into debt by lawsuits filed by people who’ve had their feelings hurt, or by those who have found that the legal system can be weaponized to disrupt and destroy their opposition. We’ve seen patriots mocked, ridiculed and even made into criminals, while the real criminals are busy making laws to advance a communist agenda inside America.

What has our response been to the insanity of these deluded, two-bit, intellectually barren, and morally bankrupt morons? Some protests, but not to the extent or with the numbers we need.

I contend that it is for this reason – the lack of people engaging in “civil disobedience” or simply refusing to comply with arbitrary and unconstitutional edicts made from whole cloth by newly-created tyrants – will be the cause of a full-blown civil war in this country. It will be our collective inaction, not any specific action, that will spark a bloody conflict in America. And no sane or rational person would ever want such an occurrence.

I write the above as a prologue to the following announcement:  The company that has been printing and fulfilling orders for our program shirts just decided that the Gadsden flag on our shirts and coffee mugs “violates their community standards.” To be clear, they object to this design:

Oh, the horror. The humanity!

When I received their “decision,” I could not help but wonder what part of “Don’t Tread on Me” don’t they understand? I am perfectly fine with this company’s refusal to do business with us, just as I am in agreement with a baker opting not to bake a wedding cake for a “homosexual” marriage. It’s free-enterprise operating within a capitalistic system. It’s not about the shirts or mugs. It’s not about the sales or the hassle of refunding money for orders that will never be fulfilled. It’s about something much bigger.

It’s about an ideological divide that is about to reach critical mass in this country and when it does, it’s going to get very ugly. It’s going to get very bloody. Again, no sane or rational person would (or should) ever desire such an event.

As for our tiny cottage industry of shirts and mugs, we’ll partner with a like-minded business and resume production shortly. The issue will be, will we, as citizens of the US, be “allowed” to wear a shirt or drink from a cup with such an “incendiary” yet historically rich slogan, or will we sit back and allow such an act to be criminalized?

Like a cavity in a tooth, if you don’t take care of it now, it’s gonna be a whole lot worse later.

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