On November 24th, Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 over Syrian territory. It wasn’t a mistake. They didn’t think that it was a Syrian jet.

It was deliberate.

It was an ambush.

The question that we must now ask ourselves is why, and then we must ask where this is taking us. And, I’m afraid that I have the answer, and you won’t like it.

Welcome to the next stage, in the run-up to World War III.

America started it. Turkey completed it, and I REALLY hope that you will be ready for what comes next.


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A Turkish-American Ambush

I had other things to write about and think about this week. I wanted to talk about the fact that I have finished the second edit of Ezekiel’s Fire – and that a new PDF will be ready, soon. I wanted to talk about the Chinese translation of Ezekiel’s Fire that will begin next week. I wanted to get into the news that PRIVATE DEBT will destroy our financial system LONG before GOVERNMENT DEBT does. I wanted to examine Islam, and I even wanted to talk about the wave of comments that I got from last week’s article about the Flat Earth Societywhich was NOT about the Flat Earth Society.

However, I won’t be talking about all that, because Turkey chose to shoot down a Russian fighter-bomber over Syria.

Those of you who would have liked to hear what I have to say on those other topics will need to console yourselves with the research that I will provide at the end of this article. Unfortunately, you’ll see that I haven’t provided as much commentary on those articles as I normally do. It’s hard to know for sure, but it seems like Turkey’s attack took the wind out of my sails.

So, let’s get into an analysis of this attack.

This Was An Ambush

First of all, let’s examine why it was deliberate.

No, actually let’s examine why it was an ambush.

Here’s the map of what Turkey said was the flight path of this airplane:

Turkey Version of Flight Path

Turkey Version

How long would it take for the Su-24 to traverse two miles?

Well, Turkey said 17 seconds.

I doubt that it was even THAT much. But, let’s roll with the Turkey version. And, the Turkey version says that they warned the Su-24 pilot ten times before shooting it down.

How long would it take for an F-16 aircraft to give the Su-24 ten warnings, illuminate the Su-24 with fire-control radar, obtain a lock-on and then fire the missile that shot down the plane?

A lot more than 17 seconds.

Of course, the Russians said that the plane was NEVER in Turkey’s territory, and there were no warnings. The pilot verifies this, and the flight data appears to verify the Russian side of this story.

In fact, here’s a comparison of the two stories about the ‘flight path’:

Comparison of Russian/Turkish 'flight path' stories

Comparison of Russian/Turkish ‘flight path’ stories

Furthermore, we find that Russia gave the intended flight and the timing of that flight path to the US to avoid this exact situation. And, it is obvious to me that the US passed on this information to Turkey, to set up this ambush:

US knew flight path of plane downed by Turkey: Putin

‘They knew the exact time and the exact place’: Putin accuses US of leaking flight path of doomed jet to Turkey… as his fearsome anti-aircraft missiles roll into Syria

So, this wasn’t just a Turkish ambush of the Su-24, it was an American ambush, as well.

And yes, this is EXACTLY how the Russians will see this.

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