GUESTS: Steve Quayle, Tom Horn & Cris Putnam – Eschatological ‘Dream Team’
TOPIC: The Final Roman Emperor, Islamic Anti-Christ and the Vatican’s Role

In the most earth shaking and revealing interviews to date, author and researcher Steve Quayle will appear on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report to discuss the “endgame” that is in play right now – the events leading up to the revealing of the Islamic anti-Christ – with eschatological luminaries Tom Horn and Cris Putnam.
“The latest investigative findings of Tom Horn and Cris Putnam, in tandem with the research of Steve Quayle, presents evidence to the world that we have entered the most critically important and dangerous time in modern history,” stated Doug Hagmann, career investigator and senior host of The Hagmann Report radio show.
“Having reviewed the evidence presented by researchers and authors Tom Horn and Cris Putnam, combined with the findings of Steve Quayle included in his works Empire Beneath the Ice and Genesis Six Giants, the previously disparate mosaic of current events has been transformed into a clear picture of our immediate future,” stated Hagmann.
“If the latest evidence uncovered by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam was presented before a jury in the case for an Islamic anti-Christ and the Vatican’s role in the formation of a perverse, dominant religion that will serve as the catalyst for a final, one world order, the verdict would be rendered unanimously and with little deliberation.
“While the research findings of Tom Horn and Cris Putnam easily stand alone and above other intellectual eschatological works, the critically important aspects of Steve Quayle’s findings present an even more comprehensive view of historical and current events, connecting all the dots needed to see clearly through a glass darkly. They are to be considered the ‘dream team’ of current day Biblical prophecy that is undeniably unfolding before us,” stated Doug Hagmann.


“Following the release of their first three international bestsellers–Petrus Romanus, Exo-Vaticana, and On the Path of the Immortals–Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam were swamped with interview requests from radio, television, and print media outlets around the world. When they accurately predicted the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI one full year in advance, even naming the precise time he would step down, global shockwaves raised additional compelling questions regarding why the Vatican has an advanced telescope set atop Mt. Graham in Arizona where the Jesuits admit they are monitoring “something” approaching Earth.

After the authors’ second report was published in Exo-Vaticana, the pope’s top astronomer took to the airwaves in an attempt to explain the role he and other church astronomers are playing in regard to the LUCIFER device, as well as their developing doctrines concerning extraterrestrial life and the impact it may soon have on Earth’s religions (Christianity in particular).

Then, in the third book by Horn and Putnam, the authors set out with cameras and field investigators to unearth their most astonishing discovery yet: Mt. Graham is a “portal”—the Native Americans who fought the Vatican and NASA told them—a gateway to another dimension. And, as the Vatican knows and the authors uncovered, it is not the only one. Even then, they had no idea what level of secrets the Vatican was shielding until now…”

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  • Tom Horn’s greatest prediction yet (this will shake the foundations of the world!)
  • The WMD that ISIS will use, and how it will lead to an Apocalypse
  • Petrus Romanus, Albert Pike, the Islamic State, and the coming Armageddon
  • Pope Francis becomes the Destroyer (or shall there be another?)
  • The Last Crusade Agenda, hidden in plain sight
  • The prophecy of the “Last Roman Emperor” in the Vatican vaults
  • The prophecy of the Cumaean Sibyl on the Muslim’s Mahdi
  • Giants, a hidden Vatican doorway, and the coming Battle for the Cosmic Mountain
  • Why many Christians, Muslims, and Jews will accept the “Last Emperor” as Messiah
  • Preparations by the Occult Elite now for their Vision of the Final Roman Emperor

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As heard on The Hagmann Report