With 2018 in our rear-view mirror, it’s time to look forward and share our mission and vision for the year ahead.


The Hagmann Report returns tonight, Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 7:00 PM ET. Our ancillary shows, The Doug Hagmann Radio Show and Joe’s afternoon show rebranded as The Dispatch will both return on Monday, January 7th, 2019.

Holiday Down-Time Update

Viewers and listeners to The Hagmann Report and our individual shows noticed that we took an additional day away from our broadcasting schedule last week and this week, coinciding with the Christmas and New Year holidays. This extended break provided us the opportunity to conduct necessary business and strategy meetings integral to our 2019 objectives with our external investigators and other associates without imposing on their family time. That time was well spent, and the results will become apparent as we launch into 2019.

While charting our course for 2019, a brief look back at 2018 will provide important context.

2018 In Brief

The Hagmann Report experienced yet another year of tremendous growth in 2018, particularly in the 4thquarter of last year. In 2018, we exceeded our previous year’s reach despite the Silicon Valley Socialism-type censorship and shadow banning of Conservative, Constitutional and Christian ideologies.

Although the final numbers are still being tallied, we broke into the triple-digit millions  of downloads – just over 102 million downloads from all platforms combined. Our programs were downloaded in 172 countries in 2018, nearly doubling the prior year.

We expanded our platforms and through the efforts of Eric “The Tech” and the generosity of our supporters, we have built our own stand-alone “infrastructure” that frees us from the control of the tech tyrants. Also, in 2018, we launched Hagmann Report Live, which provides our viewers and listeners many options to view or listen to all of our programs – both live and archived. As our broadcasts reside independently on our own “cyberspace real estate,” we no longer are dependent on third-party platforms such as YouTube to host our broadcasts and ultimately throttle our message.

In the last quarter of 2018, we launched our 2019 campaign of “Infiltrate, Inform & Prepare.” Although we have always been more than a simple reporting broadcast, we fine-tuned our proactive efforts to become part of the solution rather than just talking about the problems we face.

While a more detailed report about this initiative will be made available to our supporters, we can openly state that we’re using specialized investigative assets to infiltrate organizations that want to destroy our sovereignty, our Western culture and way of life while associating with others on a similar mission. As our efforts continue to expose these elements, we will inform our viewers and listeners so you can prepare for what lies ahead based on our own investigative findings.

2019 – Meeting the Tipping Point

I suspect that most Americans (and most people in the West) can see that 2019 will be a “tipping point” in terms of correcting the course back to the rule of law and preservation of our culture, heritage and values. This does not happen on its own while we sit on the sidelines and merely talk about issues and problems as they continue to infest and overtake us. We need to have “skin in the game” as so frequently stated by Dave Daubenmire, who we have labeled “America’s Coach.”

The Hagmann Report is all-in as we meet this “tipping point” head-on this year. It’s been brewing for some time, and we believe that it’s going to take all we have to change and preserve our Western culture, heritage and our nation.

In addition to our initiatives taking place behind the scenes, The Hagmann Report anticipates leading the pack by bringing the top national and international movers and shakers on-air.  The relationships we’ve solidified in the closing months of 2018 will result in bringing you the top names in news and political action in our fight against the Swamp.

With your help, we will stand up and fight for the preservation of American values, for all that is right with America while countering the hatred of our values by the Socialist Left. As America and the entirety of the West faces an informational crisis due to the media’s protection and facilitation of the Socialist agenda, we are doubling-down to expose the Deep State corruption, abuses of power and all other factors that are undermining our freedoms and liberties.

Thank you for standing with us, for your support, and for tuning in to one of the most popular new media programs in America and across the world!

Join us tonight at 7:00 PM ET and every Monday-Friday via Hagmann Report Live.

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