Many people, including and perhaps especially Christians, seemed shocked at the recent SCOTUS opinion regarding homosexual marriage. These very same people are asking how we got to this point in our nation.

How did it take less than a generation to go from a nation once united under our Judeo-Christian heritage and beliefs to a nation that now openly mocks God, and rejects, ridicules, and demonizes those who take the Holy Bible and the Word of God seriously?

To me, the answer is very simple. Many of us simply didn’t do enough to stop the incremental assault on our beliefs when we were needed the most. We dropped the ball, so to speak, or never even showed up for the game.

Others bought into the big lie and have been the unwitting dupes of an evil agenda that has been very effective in its deception by its slick packaging and marketing. Under the fictitious pretext of tolerance, equality, and civil rights, many people, including Christians, have even facilitated the destruction of our Judeo-Christian heritage and beliefs by embracing and even championing actions and behaviors that were once considered abhorrent less than a generation ago.

Others placed their faith in a political solution when the problem was purely spiritual in nature.

Regardless of the cause or reason, every Christian is now in the cross-hairs of an agenda that will not be complete until true Christianity is criminalized and the true followers of Jesus Christ are silenced. Failure to make a visible and vocal stand today will assure our own destruction and the enslavement of our children and all future generations. Yes, it is that serious.

Accordingly, I humbly submit to you the following.

On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, I received an e-mail from a listener who asked me whether I was aware that Blue Apron, one of our program sponsors was actively supporting the homosexual agenda. Until I received this email, I was unaware that this company not merely supported the homosexual agenda, but was one of 379 companies that filed an amicus brief in March of this year through a law firm with the United States Supreme Court. It should be noted that our initial agreement to advertise with this company predated their legal filing, so their activism was not on our radar when we agreed to advertise their products and services.

Upon investigation, I was surprised to learn of their level of legal activism in support of homosexual marriage. I immediately contacted our digital ad sales and support manager in writing about our inability to continue our support of this company and their products. The following is the relevant excerpt from my correspondence, explaining the reason behind our decision:

“Please be advised that effective immediately, The Hagmann & Hagmann Report will no longer endorse Blue Apron or perform live reads for them during our program or on our website.”

“At issue is their position and support of homosexual marriage as documented by their filing of an amicus brief in this matter. Their support of homosexual ‘marriage’ is antithetical to our religious convictions and everything we believe and promote. As Christians, it is our duty to be faithful to the Word of God, while also being protective of our listeners.” – Douglas J. Hagmann

It should be noted that our agreement to promote their product and service predated their court filing, and their action was just brought to my attention. Please remove them from our ad rotation and feel free to inform your point of contact with Blue Apron the reason for this decision.”

On Thursday, July 16, 2015, I received a reply from our digital ad sales and support manager stating that it was not a problem as we have the sole discretion over who we accept as advertisers. My letter was obviously forwarded to the agency that handles the advertising for Blue Apron as the next day I received the following notice from our digital ad sales and support manager:

 “We received the below email from the NatureBox agency. NatureBox and Blue Apron share the same agency.”

“Due to the stance that Hagmann and Hagmann decided take on gay marriage, NatureBox wants to cancel all future integrations.”

The Bottom Line

Just as it is our right to refuse to endorse any company (such as Blue Apron) that openly promotes a behavior that is contrary to Christian beliefs, it is a company’s right (such as Nature Box) to pull their advertising from our show. In fact, we prefer it, for we must uniformly stand for that in which we believe, regardless of the cost.

As I stated above, The Hagmann & Hagmann Report has a responsibility not only to ourselves but to our listeners, that we must always be faithful to the Word of God regardless of the ramifications, and obedient to His will and commandments. Furthermore, we have a responsibility to our listeners to be consistent in our message and unwavering in our practices.

We stand firm in our faith and thank those who support us to keep our radio program “going and growing.” It is our commitment to you that we will not be silenced, nor will we ever stand silent when our faith and beliefs come under attack, either directly or indirectly.

As heard on The Hagmann Report