29 September 2014: Before getting in to the events of this week, I would like to sincerely thank Sheila Zilinsky and Dave Hodges for filling in as guest-hosts for our Thursday and Friday episodes. They did a tremendous job and provided excellent programming in our place. We support both Sheila and Dave in their endeavors and hope you do as well. Please visit their websites, The Weekend Vigilante and The Common Sense Show. Sheila, of course, is part of the Hagmann & Hagmann team as she is the host of The Weekend Report every Saturday.

It’s with our sincere regret that we were unable to attend Russ Dizdar’s satanic crimes conference in Chicago over the weekend. As my unexpected health issues might have necessitated a level 4 biosafety concern, it was probably for the best. We hope to attend his next conference as they are always informative and particularly relevant in today’s world.

This week’s show schedule has been updated HERE. We anticipate a fantastic week of shows, starting tonight with perhaps one of the most insightful look at current events by looking deep into the past. Steve Quayle and Tim Alberino will discuss the fight for “all the marbles,” the fight that involves the lineage of Adam versus the corruption of the seed of Cain.

Stan Deyo will be back on Tuesday, and “V, The Guerrilla Economist,” will join us Thursday.

As I have returned back to work beginning today, please watch for some very important reports to be released in the coming days. May God bless all of you and keep you safe in these perilous times.