“Grandpa, can you tell me how the Second American Revolution started?” Tommy asked.

Grandma cast a cautionary glace to Grandpa, shaking her head slightly to display her disapproval.

“Sure, I think you’re old enough to know the truth. I’ll give you the short version and save the whole story for another night.”

“So, how did it start?” Tommy pressed.

“The Second American Revolution was simmering for a long time. Political dynasties existed in power for a long time, such as the Clintons and the Bushes. Although they were supposedly on opposing political sides, they shared their vision for a ‘New World Order.’ It was just Communism wrapped differently. Then, a man was selected to usher in a change inside America. His name was Obama, but he was really a ‘Manchurian Candidate— a ‘Trojan Horse.’ He brought Communists into the government. When his time as President was over, a woman named Hillary Clinton was supposed to take over and push the United States into this global government. Despite a rigged election, she lost, and President Donald Trump was elected.”

Tommy interrupted. “No, grandpa, I want to know how the Revolution got started.”

“I’m telling you, Tommy,” grandpa sternly responded.

“No, I want to know what started it. You know, how it started,” Tommy insisted.

“Okay, it’s past your bedtime so I’ll skip ahead.”

“So who fired the first shot?”

“Well, that’s still a bit murky, Tommy, and we might never know. But it was a cold January day when groups called ‘Freedom squads’ entered Washington and grabbed a few dozen political leaders who made millions of dollars selling out America to our enemies. It happened so quick, and everyone was taken by surprise. Things went dark that day and into the night. It wasn’t until the next morning when people awakened to those figures hanging from light poles on Constitution Avenue.  It was a terrible and chilling sight, Tommy, but necessary for the future of our country.”

“Why didn’t, you know, the FBI do something about these bad people?”

“Because they were part of the Communist plan, at the highest levels.”

“Wow, how did these ‘Freedom squads’ get past security?”

“There are still some things we don’t know. Some people believe that their protectors actually helped these squads.”

“Then what happened?” Tommy asked as he leaned forward.

“At the same time, other ‘Freedom Squads’ took control of the media and social media centers, and some of those people were also found on light poles, too.”

“That sounds horrible.”

“It was, Tommy, but necessary. Those days were dark, and no one was sure whether our nation was going to survive.”

“But it did,” Tommy said gleefully.

“Yes, it did, but only by the grace and mercy of God above.”

“Keep going, grandpa.”

“Well, once the news that people were actually fighting for the return of our freedoms, taken away from us by governors, mayors, and people in state and local offices, more and more people joined the fight. They formed their own ‘Freedom Squads.’ They fought the people who took advantage of the situation by killing and looting. And there were plenty of those people, Tommy. Many of them were left lying in the streets, some for days. More people stood up for themselves, and it just grew from there.”

“Did these ‘Freedom Squads’ get all the bad people, grandpa?”

“No, not all of them, but enough to send a strong message to the others that the American spirit was alive and well, and that we had enough.”

“Who is the head of the ‘Freedom Squads?’” Tommy asked.

“That’s the thing, Tommy, no one knows. Even to this day.”

“You still didn’t answer me, grandpa, what started everything?”

Grandpa looked over his glasses at Tommy, “It wasn’t just one thing, it was everything that freedom-loving Americans watched happen over time. Our freedom of speech was gradually taken away. We were threatened with having our guns, our only method of defense, taken away. We were forced to stay inside of our homes while our leaders did whatever they pleased. The media, television, and newspapers constantly lied to the American people. The truth got out through what was then known as the alternative media. When enough people realized what was going on and saw that no one was doing anything to stop the Communist takeover of America, we finally took matters into our own hands.”

“I guess we had to if no one else would, huh? I’m glad we won.”

“We’re not done yet, Tommy. Freedom is never a certainty, but we’ve made a difference. A big difference.”

“Were you part of those ‘Freedom Squads,’ grandpa?”

Grandma gave her husband a stern sideways glance, discouraging him from answering. Instead, grandpa replied, “it’s time to say your prayers and go to bed. After church and bible study tomorrow, I’ll take you to the range and show you how to use your new gun.”


As heard on The Hagmann Report