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(September 11, 2017) Because of the media’s and much of the nation’s preoccupation with the evolving story of Hurricane Irma’s devastating contact with Florida this weekend, and also because of the passage of time and the dimming of memory, there hasn’t been much anticipation this year of the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. But as the day has finally arrived, I find myself thinking back to that Tuesday in September.

That morning in 2001, after a typical late night of research and writing, I had set my portable clock radio to go off around 10 A.M., tuned as usual to WCBS AM 800, the big all news radio station in New York City. When the radio came on, in my partly awake semi-dreamlike state, I wondered why the station was reporting on an attack on the World Trade Center. Was this some weird replay of coverage of the 1993 WTC attack? That’s what I initially thought, until I finally awakened more fully.

Still confused by the shocking breaking news that I was hearing, like everyone else I rushed to the TV and turned on a cable news channel and quickly learned the awful truth about what had happened earlier that morning in NYC, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon. For the next four days, when virtually all television programming, even the commercial broadcast channels, was commercial free and devoted to non-stop breaking news coverage, I stayed glued to the TV but with an eye on the Internet, as well. Except for the new and vital role that accessing online news was now playing, I was reminded of following the coverage of the JFK assassination almost without sleep during the four days after November 22, 1963 when I was in junior high school.

What comes to mind initially as I reflect now is thoughts about the almost 3,000 innocent victims of the attacks that day and the tens of thousands of individual stories of loss and hurt that their deaths brought about – among family, loved ones, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and co-workers. And also the countless examples of heroes and their selfless acts of heroism, some of them known but most not, that followed the attacks.

But I’m also thinking today, as I often have, that I could not have imagined on 9/11/2001 that a mere seven years later, waiting to accede to power in the United States, would be an individual named Barack Hussein Obama. His very name indicative of the kind of man that he is and predictive of what he would do to this country.

What most of us were thinking on 9/11/2001, and I recall this as if it was yesterday, in the midst of our shock, sadness, anger, and collective grief, was that this attack would not be allowed to stand. We would get the bastards who did this to us, and we would move forward into the future, united and undeterred.

But look at where we are today, in 2017! In retrospect, the questions about the 9/11 “attacks” – who, what, why, and how (including who funded it) – were never satisfactorily answered. And they remain, like the 3,000 pound elephant in the room and in the center of our consciousness, for those of us who haven’t been totally distracted and brainwashed.

Today, the curtain of deception has been drawn back more than ever, for those who choose to see it. As we experience and learn more about the Shadow Government, the Deep State, and the plethora of evil players who appear to be running the show more tightly and effectively than ever, it’s also interesting to reflect on the question of what the 9/11 “attacks” were maybe intended to achieve. Could that whole enterprise – that unprecedented shock to the nation – have been a sophisticated globalist Psyop that ran us around the track in circles, herding us in different opposing directions, ultimately resulting in a degree of confusion and obfuscation that allowed the Democrat-Socialist takeover of Congress in 2006, the rise of Hussein Obama in 2008, and the total stalemate in the effort to Make America Great Again that we have now?

One can only wonder.

Many of us are still wondering. And we will not stop wondering and searching until we get to a clearer – if not the ultimate – understanding of what the hell is going on here. So that we can share our information and insights with those who also continue to hunger for the Truth.

For as we know, or as we should know by now: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Peter Chowka is a widely published author and journalist. He writes most frequently these days for American Thinker and The Hagmann Report. His Web site is AltMedNews.net. Follow Peter on Twitter. Peter’s latest wide-ranging one hour conversation with Doug and Joe on The Hagmann Report on August 28 can be watched here.

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