If it seemed like things weren’t good for the Democrats because so many people were running or likely to run for president in 2020, it just got worse. Even the socialism some Democrats are pushing is now being threatened.

That push for socialism has been taken and turned into not only a new political party in the United States but a means of challenging the very Democrats who push it. Why vote for a Democrat who talks about socialism here and there when you can support an entire party dedicated to implementing it across the board?

Maryland has just certified a new party to enter the political landscape. Named the Bread and Roses party, they may even have their own presidential candidate facing off against the Democrats in 2020, wrote Jerome M. Segal in an opinion piece for The Baltimore Sun.

Segal is the creator of The Bread and Roses Party.

This new socialist party is “An Electoral Party for both New Socialists and Non-Socialists, A Party with a Strong Utopian and International Orientation, One in Pursuit of a New American Dream,” according to its website.

2020 Dem. Disaster Grows as Entirely New Leftist Party Just Got Approved

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