Sunday, September 27, 2020

It takes time and money to conduct thourough investigations. We need to dig as deep as we can, right now, so that we can continue to inform and prepare you, your families and children for what’s to come in the near future. This is not a fear campaign. This is a campaign geared to inform and prepare like minded patriots seeking the truth!

Portions of this campaign will go towards broadcasting upgrades. We have important and necessary visual and audio upgrades that we need to install. Staying relevent in the way we present ourselves allows us to bring on higher quality guests that can bring you classified insight. Again, our goal here is to infiltrate, inform and prepare.


Using our many years of investigative experience and contacts, we will continue to search for the truth and attempt to fully expose those who are obsessed with destroying President Donald J. Trump and our country.


It is so easy to get caught up in mainstream media headlines. These headlines many times are smoke screens for what is really going on. We will present you the news and information that the mainstream media would call conspiracy news. We will never give you information without the facts to back it up. We are taking a pledge to report on the news behind the smoke screen no matter what the other fake and fluffy outlets think about us.


Our constitution is disintegrating before our eyes. We must be ready for anything that is to come in the near future. Protecting our families, and the like minded patriots that are close to us is a major priority of The Hagmann Report. We will be doing more to help equip and prepare our listeners and viewers by offering more inside knowledge, spiritual b12 and physical preps.