By: Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

On the 5 January, 2017 edition of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, my good friend and brother in Christ, Jon Robberson, made a call for people to send in their predictions of what this next year holds to the Hagmann and Hagmann studio. Being blessed to be an independent contributor, I thought I would kick off the predictions with one of my own, which outline in the following paragraphs.

Back on March 23, 2013, Matt Drudge tweeted out that he had told friends privately that it would be the “year of Alex Jones”, much to the ire of Media Matters, which immediately lambasted the digital media giant that has been under DDOS attack for extended periods over the past week. It showed how much Alex Jones and his team at Infowars had done in order to bring what was once regarded as conspiracy theory into the mainstream, and how much what was once considered conspiracy theory was turning out as conspiracy fact. And though surely, and I am sure Alex would admit, he stood on the shoulders of some giant pioneers in the truth telling community, he was really the first from the independent media crowd to break through into the mainstream. As someone that had been a long-time listener to his show, I found it very interesting how there was a sudden shift in the national consciousness to no longer buy into the argument of “conspiracy theory” and start to actually research some of the information out there and come to their own conclusions. For myself, what had initially become in essence entertainment (as I had always been one to delve into conspiracy topics, but took it all with a grain of salt) had shifted drastically and the things that were spoken of in the early to mid-2000s on Infowars were now playing out right before me on the nightly news.  Infowars continued to grow in popularity, and guests went from being on the fringe to even featuring Roger Stone, a man with a direct line straight to the eventual winner of the US presidential election.

Now, I can hear you asking, it’s 2017, though…what does this have to do with anything? Alex Jones has continued to rise in popularity over the past few years despite continuing attacks against him and his platform. He has forged a path ahead that independent media is following, and in a time where more and more people are tuning out of the old media, they are shifting their attention to these independent media outlets. What’s more, as the younger generation as a whole shifts from television to digital media (which has a far more profound effect on the market than the shift from print media to TV), television is dying. What some pointed out as a drop NFL ratings due to the protesting players, in my mind, was more about the amount of people that are dropping pricey cable and satellite subscriptions for the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and even Amazon Prime. With these services, even the most avid TV watcher can catch their favorites on their own time, and for live sporting events, they can make a one-time purchase of an HDTV antenna (as long as you are fairly close to a broadcasting station) and catch whatever you want. If you are out of the market for a particular game, you can go online (though I would urge caution, as some sites that do this are less than reputable) and find whatever game you want – for free. And that, my friends, is another factor that leads me to make the following proclamation:

2017 will be the year the independent media will overtake the old media.


What we are seeing happening around us with the screeching of the dinosaur media (see what I did there?) about “fake news” is the last dying gasps of a beast that has been dealt a mortal blow. As the beast has lumbered about over the last few years, we have heard politicians in the pocket of the corporate overlords that own the media in this country call for who can and can’t be considered the press in this country, and therefore be given the protections of the freedom of the press in our Constitution.  Now, as the beast lies on the ground, bleeding out, it has moved from saying that these people aren’t “real journalists”, but saying that anything they put out is “fake news”. They now no longer say something is a conspiracy theory website, but say it is “fake news” because they understand that as conspiracy theory has been proven to be conspiracy fact, it no longer has the same sting it once did. And in fact, it just causes more people to check it out for “true news”.

As people are continuing to “turn off and tune out” of the television programming and turning to online resources that allows them to do their own research, the independent media is growing in popularity and credibility. The writers, researchers, and presenters of the independent media cut their teeth during a time when the truth they were putting out was called conspiracy theory, and therefore they present the information and sources in a manner that the old media no longer does. How many times have you seen a “news story” on the old media that simply came from a press release from the administration or from a celebrity, with no supporting information confirming the truthfulness of it? Yet, the independent media almost always provides additional reading or sources for the consumer to see the information from other sources…and allows them to make up their own minds.

But the old media has all these millions of dollars behind it, how can the independent media keep up with that? Because the independent media already has a leg up, so to say, in the digital age. Whether by podcast, blog, website, or other platforms, the independent media already occupies a growing region of the digital space. One of the greatest things about the internet is that it has literally allowed anyone and everyone to create content and put it out for anyone on the planet to have access to in just a couple of keystrokes. And people are doing it – whether they are creators of music, poetry, fiction writing, video…they are creating content and we have people all over the world that make a living by being creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs in this new Renaissance of the information age.

Additionally, with all of the old media centered in New York and Los Angeles, they have painted themselves into an echo chamber, where corporate gatekeepers keep fresh ideas out and look to the success of previous products for the model of “new” products. Don’t understand that? Look at Hollywood…most of what is coming out of Hollywood, with the occasional exception, are remakes or re-packaged films and series that have been the same for the past 40+ years! There is no creativity, because the bottom line has strangled it. And in their echo chambers, located in the most pro(re)gressive areas of our great nation, they feed on the ire and spite of one another – and have completely lost touch with the working man (and before you get all PC on me, I guess you could say “working person”), out in rural America, that produces the goods that they take for granted on a daily basis. But the independent media, which comes from every corner of the country, has not. They speak to the average person, they explain what is going on rather than simply reading a teleprompter. There is life in their voice and in their writings, not the printed monotone voice of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. In fact, this scene of disconnecting HAL from the movie actually reminds me quite a bit of what is going on right now between the old media and the American people.

In closing, I want to encourage each of you that read this article. I want to remind you, as Doug Hagmann has said many times on the program, that you were born at this specific time, in this specific place, for a specific reason. As we are reminded in Jeremiah 1:5, the Lord knew each of us before we were formed in the womb. And He has given to each of us a talent and part to play in this grand battle between good and evil. Not all of us are writers, or great speakers, or have the blessing of platforms on which to speak…but all of us have something that we were blessed with to bring to this fight. Freedom is one of the first and most precious gifts that the Lord gave us – the freedom to follow His ways and speak the light of truth into the impenetrable darkness of our days, or the freedom to hide in the shadows and work against our fellow man. In order to speak the light of truth, we need to have the God-given rights that were set forth in that great document on which our republic was formed, enshrined in the first ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights. And to keep and maintain that freedom, we need those that have been given the gift to write or speak to do so. It is so simple to begin to speak truth into the world – it literally costs nothing but time. And if you are not blessed with the ability to write or to speak, please consider aiding the independent media, such as the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, with donations – that they may continue to shine light into the darkness, to uncover those things done in the dark.

Please allow me to wish every one of you health and good cheer in the coming year, and may the Lord bless this nation, and heal it of the wounds that have been carved by those that wish to tear her down. God bless!

As heard on The Hagmann Report