“What I found was nothing less than horrific. I interviewed individuals at an average gay bar on an average night. I discovered that I was literally surrounded by child molesters and victims of molestation.” -Ryan Sorba, undercover investigative journalist

25 June 2015: On Tuesday, June 23, 2015, researcher, author and investigative journalist Ryan Sorba appeared on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report to announce that he has conducted a number of covert, undercover investigations to dig deep into the homosexual agenda. Central to his announcement (accessible in MP3 format here) was the disclosure that his latest undercover video he secured with self-proclaimed homosexuals contains some of the most startling and troubling admissions by a number of older men – admissions that could reasonably be considered confessions of criminal molestation of young boys.

The men interviewed can be clearly identified by hidden camera, and their admissions to molestation can be clearly heard on the audio portion of the footage. One man who admitted that his “youngest” (victim) was merely 12 years-old even laughed as he made this startling admission. He declined to provide his age at the time of this encounter, saying that he didn’t want to say as he could “go to jail,” yet continued to laugh throughout his statement. Clearly, he is aware that he just admitted to a criminal act, yet unaware that this exchange was memorialized on video by Mr. Sorba.

Setting out to conduct his investigation, it was not Mr. Sorba’s intent to secure admissions of criminal activity by those he interviewed.

“Soon the United States Supreme Court will rule on marriage. I made this video, as an informative piece for the justices,” stated Mr. Sorba, who added that most people “do not adequately understand the issue of homosexuality.” To expose the real agenda of the homosexual activists, Mr. Sorba stated that he “went undercover and asked individuals who identify as gay the following question: ‘Do you believe being gay is strictly genetic?’”

What he found, he stated, was shocking. According to Mr. Sorba, many (homosexuals) attribute their own sexual orientation to molestation.

“After finding out just how many gays claim they are gay because they were molested, I decided to change my script, in an attempt to try to figure out who was doing the molesting. What I found was nothing less than horrific. I interviewed individuals at an average gay bar on an average night. I discovered that I was literally surrounded by child molesters and victims of molestation. I also learned that old men aren’t the only one’s doing the molesting. Woefully, I learned that after being molested by an older man, many children and teens will teach their friends what they learned from the molester.”

Mr. Sorba continued: “As you will see in this video I learned just how many teen child molesters there are and how many children are molesting other children, in their neighborhoods and at their schools.”

“The content of this video is explicit, but also necessary. Parents and teachers need to be warned. Not everyone who identifies as gay is a child molester, but many who do identify as gay were molested. Many of the children and teens will go on to teach other kids their own age and younger what they learned from the molester.”

“Parents be on guard. If you know any child or teenager who has developed same-sex attraction, let this footage be a warning to you. It is a red flag that the child has been molested, by an adult, a teenager, or another child.”

“I would like to end with a plea to the Supreme Court. If you do not already know and understand what I am about to show you, then I would urge you to practice judicial restraint and uphold the will of more than fifty million American voters and millennia of human experience. America needs more time to fully understand this issue, its causes and its consequences.”

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As heard on The Hagmann Report
Douglas J. Hagmann
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