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Wednesday, November 30, 2022



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146 More ‘Vaccines’ in Development, More ‘Sudden’ Deaths Coming & Transhumanism | Dr. Sherri Tenpenny with Doug Hagmann | The Hagmann Report 9/15/20222

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is the voice for Health Freedom

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Being a medical doctor who fearlessly exposes the truth behind a sanctioned agenda of death and complete control over all survivors is difficult at best. Fighting the largest medical and pharmaceutical giants for accurate statistics and real data about the harm done to people in the name of science by experimental gene-editing injections is dangerous and destructive to one’s life, yet Dr. Sherri Tenpenny excels at doing just that.

     The Left is fond of saying that “COVID” is not done with us yet. Stated differently and perhaps more accurately, is that the Globalist planners are not done with us yet. Did you know that as of last month, there are 146 different types of COVID shots in development, including 33 already approved for limited or full use across the world?

     Have you heard about CSRQ-SM? I suspect most people have never heard about it and have no idea about this social (subjugation) management system. Tune in for an important update with Dr. Tenpenny and plan to take part in her next webinar scheduled for Saturday, September 24, 2022 (10:00 AM -12:00 noon ET plus a Q & A session following). For more information about Dr. Tenpenny’s latest research findings and more, visit her website by clicking HERE (https://drtenpenny.com).

Be sure to tune in to “Happy Hour with Dr. T” by clicking HERE. Doug Hagmann is honored to be her guest on September 27, 2022. Join us!



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Previous (Rotating) Episode Links/Sources

VIDEO: Lisa Gallagher supported Trump on Facebook. FBI at her door the next morning.


PAGEJustice Dept. Seizes Phones of Top Trump Aides in Jan. 6 Inquiry

VIDEO:  Bernie Kerik — FBI knocked on my front door with a subpoena  

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VIDEO:  CHILLING – Karine Jean-Pierre says that people who voted for Donald Trump are “a threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.”  TWITTER – INCLUDE TEXT

VIDEO 2:  Joe Biden declares war on Americans: You are the problem.    9:30-15:10

PAGE:  DHS wants to continue its “disinformation” work, flag “falsehoods” to social media platforms

PAGE (OR PDF): Disinformation Best Practices and Safeguards Subcommittee; Final Report August 24, 2022

PAGE: Appendix 2/CISA

PAGE:  Biden White House Colluded With Big Tech To Censor COVID Info, Emails Prove  – Natalie Winters National Pulse

Segment 1: From Obama to O’Biden – Some Familiar Faces Are Here to Destroy Us | Doug Hagmann Opening Segment | The Hagmann Report (8/31/2022)

VIDEO A: Right Wing MAGA terrorism (Twitter – MSNBC)

VIDEO B: SETTING THE STAGE: BIDEN: “You hear some of my friends on the other team talking about political violence and how it’s necessary.”  (Twitter)

VIDEO C: SETTING THE STAGE:  BIDEN: You need something more than a gun.”  (TWITTER)

VIDEO D:  FLASHBACK: Loretta Lynch calls for blood and death in the streets fighting against Trump

VIDEO 1:  A Nightmare Scenario If Trump Gets A Second Term: The Atlantic    MORNING JOE 8/31/2022

SEGMENT 1: 0:00-2:20

SEGMENT 2: 5:35-7:10

PAGE 1:  Obama-Era ‘Sisters’ Circle Trump   – Remember the names

VIDEO 2: Source:  The FBI Strikes Again! (Ep. 1841) – The Dan Bongino Show

SEGMENT 1:  0:14-1:21

SEGMENT 2: 1:33-2:06

SEGMENT 3:  3:53-5:58

SEGMENT 4:  6:06-8:29

SEGMENT 5: 9:03-9:39

SEGMENT 6: 12:06-14:30

SEGMENT 7:  15:05-20:18

PAGE 2:  Utah FBI employee arrested on suspicion of multiple counts of child sex abuse

Segment 2:

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